Colin Riley ‘Re-Place’ Project

Composer Colin Riley has launched new project Re-Place, a series of remixes of tracks from the 2018 extended multimedia song-cycle, In Place. The new project is based on online/remote collaboration, as made essential by physical distancing during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

I’m thrilled to have contributed a remix of ‘Beneath Above Along’ for Re-Place. Colin wrote to all the artists detailing that there were no rules or requirements for the remixes – as much or as little of the original audio material could be used in any way.

I chose to keep the original field recording in tact, along with other ambient sounds, and used minimal processing to expand micro-elements of the instrumentalists’ parts. Creating drones and natural rhythmic cycles against his riverside field recordings is likely what caused Colin to describe the remix as “haunting, timeless …. nautical”.

Riley writes about the project for Composers Edition:

“Due to social distancing and self-isolation, our sense of place has taken a hit in recent weeks. But living in isolation has also started to make us all think differently, not just about the fragilities of our world but also about our need to be connected to it, and to each other. Normality may be something we don’t return to, or even wish to return to, and there is a growing sense that so many things might re-align in the future.”

Artists involved in the project that you can find on the Re-Place tracklist include Lola de la Mata, Eleanor Cully, Phil Maguire, Spenser Buckley (Of Ghost), Jeevan Rai, Ruth Goller and many others. Performers featured on the original album are:

Colin Riley composer
Melanie Pappenheim voice
Ruth Goller upright & electric bass
Kate Halsall  keys/harmonium
Stephen Hiscock percussion
Nic Pendlebury viola

Listen to Re-Place on Soundcloud

In Place was originally commissioned by Sound Festival Scotland, funded by Arts Council England and through the PRS for Music Foundation.

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