New Inventions for Riot Ensemble

Riot Ensemble will be premiering my new work for 2 pianos, 2 percussion and AI called New Inventions.

The piece is based on Bach’s Inventions, using a graphic score and neural network trained on a dataset of the original music, generates a new remix of the piece alongside an AI piano part that responds live to the performers on stage. This is done using IRCAM’s SOMAX 2.

New Inventions will be premiered in Southampton on Monday 17 July 2023 and performed at Kings Place, London on Wednesday 19 July 2023. Buy tickets for the Kings Place concert here. Both concerts will also include works by Benjamin Oliver, Anna Appleby, Rob Laidlow, Zakiya Leeming and Oliver Sellwood.

I chose Bach as a source material and dataset due to his highly recognisable style; I wanted to show the potential and limitations of AI-generated music.

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