Please get in touch if you’re interested in programming/performing any of the works below. Click on the work titles to see a preview.

♫ Classical notation Text score ❐ Graphic score

Solos & Duos

This is happening (2023)
wind duet
❐ /

Brutal (2020)
solo bass clarinet

The Castle (2017)
solo violin

Gradient (2017)
alto flute & turntable
♫ / ❐

Still Morn (2016)
flute and cello ♫

Tsuru (2014)
solo alto flute ♫


Under Arches (2016)
flute, cello and piano ❐

The Brothers Karamazov (2016)
clarinet, viola and piano ♫ / ❐

Sandymount Strand (2016)
flute, violin and cello ♫ / ❐

The Darker the Night, The Brighter the Stars (2016)
prepared instruments & archive audio ♫ / ❐

The Dying Sakura Tree (2016)
prepared violin, viola, cello and acoustic guitar ♫

The Double (2015)
flute, violin and cello ♫


Outlier (2022)
Mixed ensemble
/ ❐

the snow falling faintly through the universe (2018)
vocal ensemble
(any voices, any size)

tel aviv is the capital of Israel (2018)
mixed ensemble – postcard scores ♫ / ❐

Conversations with Tadao Ando [Water Temple/RAIKA/Church on the Water] (2017)
10 strings ❐ / ♫

Currently unpremiered works!

Give a work its premiere by contacting Megan about any of the pieces below, which are ready for performance and are – as of yet – unperformed

string quartet

Open Text Scores!

Below are some examples of Megan’s text scores. Some are totally open (any amount of players, playing anything), others for single/specified number performers, and some for specific instruments.

Get in touch if you perform/use the scores for any purpose. They are for public use.

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