the snow falling faintly through the universe: Juice Snow Queens tour

the snow falling faintly through the universe was composed for Juice vocal ensemble and chosen as part of …The Night With concert series emerging composer call (run by Matthew Whiteside). It was workshopped in Glasgow by acclaimed vocal trio Juice, who have added the piece to their current album launch tour ‘Snow Queens‘, and will be performed in concerts around the UK including at Kings Place in London – the official album launch night – on Sunday 9 December.

the snow falling faintly through the universe is performed from a text score and using the final paragraph of James Joyce’s ‘The Dead’ from Dubliners. Copies of the extract are distributed to the listeners who are encouraged to engage with Joyce’s writing as part of the performance. Intended for relaxed concerts, listeners may read to themselves or aloud, sing or speak the text or engage in whatever way they feel comfortable. The basis of the piece is to explore different ways of engaging with text in vocal concerts, and to provide a setting for listeners who may not be comfortable in a Classical concert setting. Listeners speaking, singing or reading the text in their own way is an important part of the snow falling faintly through the universe.

See the CONCERTS page for all Juice Snow Queens tour dates, or click the button below to buy tickets to the album launch concert at Kings Place, London on Sunday 12 December, 8pm.

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