Guest Mix on Signal to Noise Radio

🎧 Listen to my guest mix for Signal to Noise on Totally Radio as part of the show broadcast on 9 February 2021.

Inspired by Valentine’s Day and the approach of Spring, featuring (mostly) recent releases from artists who have greatly inspired me, plus featuring the track More Ghosts than People from Polar Realities 2 and an extract from a live set I did in Helsinki. It’s great lockdown listening.

Josquin Des Prez: Mille Regretz, Motet Jennifer WalsheBuy 
More Ghosts than People Megan SteinbergBuy 
A Love Song Pauline OliverosBuy 
Seagull with Guest Claudia MolitorBuy 
Live from Helsinki, Turntable Free Improv (Extract) Megan Steinberg

The full show also features music by Mica Levi, Dildano, Shapeshifters, Quest, Blood Rhythms, and more.

A Love Song by Pauline Oliveros is perhaps my favourite piece of music and has inspired my use of drones in most of my work.

One of my most positive memories of 2020 is lying in London Fields, in the sun, staring up through branches of trees and listening to Jennifer Walshe’s 2020 album ‘A Late Anthology of Early Music Vol. 1: Ancient to Renaissance’, a “new alternative tradition” built by a neural network and machine learning of Walshe’s voice, who can “map the development of the network’s understanding of [her] voice onto the history of early Western music”. Josquin Des Prez: Mille Regretz, Motet will make you listen, and it pulled my brain out of lockdown.

Birds, echoes, fragments, observation of reality are all littered throughout the mix. I hear many sounds from my track More Ghosts than People echoed in Claudia Molitor’s 2020 album ‘lofty gatherings’ and particularly this piece Seagull with Guest. This is unsurprising – Molitor is one of my greatest influences. Do you hear it?

Many thanks to Nick Roseblade of Signal to Noise who invited me to contribute a mix, and has shown my tracks some love on the programme several times.

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