New Release: Polar Realities 2

Another instalment of Polar Realities, virtual field recordings exploring layers of alternate realities from video game life.

Plasma pistols, acid ponds, geysers, horse hooves, birdsong, rushing water … drones.

Drinking Sapphire Wine uses field recordings from The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon. Titled after a particularly touching side-quest in the main game (which is a reference to a dystopian novel by Tanith Lee).

More Ghosts than People uses field recordings from Red Dead Redemption 2. A truly stunning example of sound design in AAA video games.

The album is available to download on Bandcamp, pay-what-you-feel and all contributions will be donated to Mind UK. Why? I don’t want to profit from this album or exploration, it’s a strange project to put out into the world and your donations to Mind are more valuable. Polar Realities are a psuedo-therapeutic exercise and not a commercial endeavour.

Game spoilers below.

“Oh Captain, I’m pining for Junlei something fierce. What am I doing?”

The Outer Worlds [Obsidian, 2019]

“Help them escape, when I…
You know, you and me, we’re more ghosts than people. But them…”

Red Dead Redemption 2 [Rockstar Games, 2018]
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