‘Conversations with Tadao Ando (Water Temple)’ on Resonance Extra, 3 Dec 18:30

Conversations with Tadao Ando (Water Temple) is one of three variations of a microtonal drone composition for an unspecified 10-piece string ensemble. It uses a microtonal pitch-grid, the breathing of players and a graphic score created using the work of renowned Japanese minimalist architect Tadao Ando. The other two variations (RAIKA and Fabrica) are soon to be recorded and distributed as a trio of architectural string pieces.

based on photography by Richard Pare

Conversations with Tadao Ando (Water Temple) will be broadcast on Resonance Extra on 3rd December 2017 at 18:30 as part of the final episode of verzcast with Phil Maguire, along with other works created by artists interested in lowercase, quiet and close-listening music.

If you are in the Brighton & Hove area, tune in to Resonance Extra on DAB radio. Or listen live wherever you are with their online stream.

The broadcast will be uploaded shortly afterwards to MixCloud

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