Open Call: Pieces for Turntable

Announcing an open call for scores for turntable pieces!

Composers and sound artists from any background/age/discipline are invited to approach the instrument, experiment and help contribute to the repertoire.

This open call will operate in cycles with multiple deadlines. If you submit a score after a deadline has passed your piece will be part of the following cycle.

Current deadline: 1 January 2018 (noon)


  • There are no durational or stylistic restrictions
  • All pieces for solo turntable will be recorded and rights maintained by the composer
  • Some pieces for solo turntable will be performed (date TBC)
  • Pieces for turntable and instrument(s), ensemble, fixed media, (etc) are strongly encouraged and will be considered for performance where possible.* (date TBC)


  • American Audio DJ Turntable (single deck) + Audio-Technica Headshell
  • Behringer 802 8-input mixer
  • Donner Looper pedal
  • Roland Micro Cube amplifier
  • (+ collection of records of varying quality**)

Feedback will be given for all submissions

Familiarity with the turntable (in a hip-hop or abstract context) is not required. Advice and tutorial may be provided on request. It may help to watch the following videos:

Gradient for alto flute and turntable (Megan Steinberg)

Free improv for electronics and turntable (Jenn Kirby and Megan Steinberg)

see also: the work of DJ Maria Chavez

* – please consider access and realistic performance opportunities. Rare instruments may not be available for a realisation of the piece unless the composer can provide them. Feel free to get in contact regarding available instruments and collaboration opportunities. (pieces for large ensemble and orchestra, while encouraged, may not be performed.)

** – list of vinyl available on request

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